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Save money on your energy bill every month.

Ambit Energy can save you money every month on your gas and electric bill. Sign up today and receive a travel voucher also.

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Make Money With Ambit Energy

Everyone uses it and everyone needs it!.

"Everyone has a group of friends, family, and co-workers who are interested in success. Our simple home-based business opportunity lets you create meaningful income and meaningful relationships by providing energy service and financial opportunity to those within your circle of influence."

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Savings Up To 30%

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Earn Free Energy

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Residual Income Potential

Ambit Energy Analysis 

A Full Analysis of Information Regarding the Ambit Energy Business Opportunity

You'll Learn About General Business Hurdles, Business Model for the 21st Century, Our Economy and the New Rules that Go With It, How to Receive Discounted Energy Including Free Energy, How to Create a Monthly Recurring Residual Income, Problems that I Help Businesses Solve that Ambit Consultants Do Not Have.  Plus, the Three Points or Pillars Required for Business and Financial Success.

As a business and marketing consultant, I make my living helping small to medium sized businesses overcome issues and improve the bottom line.  In this economy, all the usual issues have been magnified. My guess is that if you are a business owner, you are very frustrated with your results during this recession. If you are not a business owner and are lucky enough to be still employed, I know that you are constantly worried about your job's longevity. As companies try to survive, they downsize to the minimum and ship jobs offshore.  Most jobs are now on the brink of elimination.  I myself, just before the recession, was the casualty of a business acquisition that completely eliminated the senior staff of a fast growing software company.  I had to quickly create income streams using all the knowledge gained during a fantastic corporate career in finance, technology and marketing/sales.

Many people that I talk with are now seriously looking for additional streams of income including a strong interest in working from home, making their own hours -- hoping to build a REAL residual business that will protect them in the long term.  

And now I have to admit to a stupid mistake I made a couple of years ago. A close friend of mine asked me to look at an opportunity she was interested in — hoping that my business and marketing background could give her some guidance about its viability. But, I basically blew her off. I'm embarrassed to say, I quickly pre-judged without even analyzing it.  In fairness to myself, I was trying to finish up some projects due to impending, recontructive knee surgery.

I ran into my friend a few months ago and asked how her business was progressing. She mentioned among many things that she had built up a monthly residual income that finally reached 5 figures per month. Interestingly, the following month it had grown an additional 25%. Naturally, she had my attention and I started to analyze the business. I mean really look at it as though I were hired to analyze and evaluate its capabilities.  Most people that had consistently worked the business over the last two years were making approximately the same amount as my friend.  Her son, the musician, was making mid to upper 4 figures per month.  He was no longer working in the business — just receiving the income and pursuing his music career.

I discovered that successful energy consultants came from all walks of life — corporate executives, doctors, factory workers, self employed business owners, teachers, coaches, even senior citizens looking to help support their depleted retirement nest eggs.  I did find some consultants, that I knew, who didn't do anything with the business because they never bothered to share the opportunity with others. Those that did share the opportunity were doing exceptionally well.

The video below discusses why Ambit is a great opportunity and why people are flocking to it.

Most businesses that I worked with over the last decade face a number of everyday hurdles:

·       Product Related 

o      Logistic issues getting product, stocking it and finally delivering it to the customer 

o      Feature complexity that requires sales channel and customer education  

o      Pricing issues when facing lots of competition  

o      Desirability in the market place  

·       Marketing and Advertising 

o      Budget issues for marketing and advertising 

o      Branding  

o      Driving benefits to consumer acceptance  

·       Changing Customer Buying Patterns 

o      Customers like buying product when and where they want at their convenience  

·       Economy Related Issues 

o      Declining customer base  

o      Increasing receivable issues  

The Big Discovery

What if you discovered a business that:

·      Pays well and has long term residual income 

·      All the major hurdles are removed 

·      Is recession proof 

·      Has no product related hurdles

o      No inventory - No logistics  

o      No education required - energy, any questions?  

o      Everyone absolutely needs energy and will give up other stuff to pay for it  

·      No Marketing and Advertising 

·      No change to consumer buying pattern -- consumer gets energy delivered, maintained and billed by their current energy provider 

·      Allows you to offer it at a discount with travel reward points for customer loyalty and provides an option to get energy free 

This business has delivered a "simple" button. Almost every business barrier has been removed other than your personal effort and time. I know time is finite but, we can all find time for the right reasons. No business is easy -- you still have to share the opportunity and help others succeed. The opportunity is so strong that I call it "The Energy Gold Rush" as this is a one-time chance to capitalize on deregulation.

Currently the service is available in Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Recently, Ambit has added Maryland, Washington DC, Connecticut and Massachusetts. States with the longest availability have about 3% market share with tons of growth awaiting. We are truly at the beginning of this Gold Mine created by the deregulation of the energy industry.

Earn commissions and residuals each and every month from every customer. People will always use energy, so you’ll always be making a commission. What a product -- it is habitually used and unconsiously purchased every day.

To learn more about earning with Ambit, click here or click on the menu item titled "Compensation Plan".

Energy is only going to deregulate once, so get in early and get your piece of the pie.

About Ambit Energy:  Ambit Energy was founded in early 2006 at a Potbelly’s restaurant in Addison, Texas over a couple of turkey sandwiches. Introduced through a mutual friend, Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless met for lunch to discuss energy deregulation. They liked the opportunity, and they liked each other. During lunch, they made a few important decisions: ….read more 
Ever Wonder What Types of People Succeed In Ambit Energy?  School teachers, fire fighters, janitors, taxi drivers, store owners just to name a few. These are people just like you and me. There really are no special talents necessary to succeed here. Time, hard work and consistency can take you where these people are. 
….people scratch their heads when they see Ambit at #1 and realize this was done with only parts of Texas, New York and Illinois open for service. We are now open in Maryland, Washington DC, Pensylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts as well
Ambit Energy Rewards Program Overview 
If you’re like most energy customers, you’re probably not used to generosity from your energy company. So you probably won’t believe this next part. If you’re an Ambit Energy customer, we actually appreciate your business. And we want to reward you for becoming, then staying, a loyal customer. … more 
Start Your Own Business With Ambit Energy 
We are looking for money motivated entrepreneurs that would like to position themselves in front of the energy deregulation trend in Ambit Energy territories and garner their share of this new market. Earn a recurring income with a public utility that is being offered below retail and that is habitually used and unconciously purchased by everyone you know and don’t know. To find out how you benefit with the Ambit Energy opportunity CLICK HERE 

….Ambit Energy offers Independent Consultants the opportunity to capitalize on the shift of wealth and power currently taking place with the deregulation of energy. I have witnessed so many consultants earning 5 figures per month that this business has really gotten my attention. It is like a "Gold Rush" in the 21st century. Some consultatnts, much to my amasement, have done nothing because they didn't bother to recommend the opportunity and savings to others. Through the utilization of proven franchise type training and systems, Independent Ambit Energy consultants can develop lifelong residual income by sharing their retail electricity and natural gas service directly with consumers and empowering others to do the same……Click Here


Ambit Energy Awards: - Ambit Energy was named 2010’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Company by Inc. 500 - Ambit Energy received the number one ranking in Southern Methodist University/Cox Dallas 100 for 2009 - CEO Jere Thompson Jr. was a finalist in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award - CIO John Burke was named in InfoWorld’s CTO 25 2010 and ComputerWorld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders 2009 - Direct Selling News named Ambit in the Global 100 in 2009 as well as in the 100 Million Club in 2008 - Locally in Dallas, Ambit Energy was named in the Top 100 Places to Work 2009 by The Dallas Morning News and Best Places to Work 2009 by the Dallas Business Journal. Ambit Energy was also named in the 2009 Momentum Awards finalist by the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce.


I am committed to helping others succeed. This is a people business where everyone needs assistance getting started and growing their business. I use my business background and years of experience to provide guidance to everyone in my organization.

If You’re Ready To Join Our Ambit Energy Opportunity and Team, Click Below:


To Our Success,

Brian Williams - Ambit Energy Consultant


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Energy Gold Rush
The Energy Gold Rush is happening with or without you.  Energy deregulation only happens once and the longer you wait the more income you miss out on. We get paid, every month for something people habitually use and unconsiously purchase every day.  Everyone is so inconvenienced when they don't have it, they will cut back on everything else to make sure they have it.  No matter how bad the economy is people will continue to use energy.  If you think you have missed the boat, you have not -- Ambit only has a 3% market penetration in its longest open markets.  We're expanding to new territories and now is the time to join. Click Here to take part in the energy gold rush. 

Save Money Every Month On Your Energy Bill
Start saving money on your electric and gas bills starting today.

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Earn With Ambit
Start earning some extra cash by capitalizing on a bill people habitually pay every month.

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"Just over two and a half years ago, I was wondering if I would ever get to retire.  Just over two months ago, my family and I bought our dream home: a spacious log home on more than 100 acres in the Adirondack Mountains."
Rich Schloss - Warrensburg, NY

Recession-Proof Income...
“I am a high school basketball coach of 26 years and my kids are my world. As a Dad I want to give them everything and anything they could ever want. Ambit is financially awarding me that opportunity. Even during the rigors of basketball season I still have time to work Ambit.”
Coach Allen Johnston - Tyler, TX

Indisputable Value...
“I am absolutely thrilled to be an Ambit Energy customer! The savings to date has exceeded Ambit's guarantee, what more can you ask for? I for one have never received any sort of discount in any way, shape or form from NYSEG!”
June Nephew - West Chazy, NY